I choose to live awake. Truthful. Transparent. Honest. Loving.

My life cannot be told within a small paragraph, nor can I hope to win you over with my words. It is my hope throughout the next undetermined future we can learn and grow together. I offer services because I care. Ask for money because it's necessary. I believe everyone can find happiness, forgiveness within themselves, and a life worth living. Judgement is for our own eyes in the mirror. I have connections, offer training, workshops, classes, information, and perspective for those who truly want it. Discover new hobbies, meet friends, or see a different world entirely. Perhaps transform life into the one we envision. 

I am living proof people can change. ...if and when they want to.

For years I placed blame on those around me, used people to get another drink, and put my own safety in jeopardy... unconsciously preying for a death I was too scared to take. My fear and willingness to understand may be the only reason suicide never became the ending to my story years ago. I was that little kid stomping her feet up to her room throughout many situations. I refused to listen. I refused to consider I was anything but right. I cared yet refused to feel.


I am now living a clean, sober life.

I have transformed my body from 340 lbs to 180 lbs so far. 

Found a passion for fitness and became a personal trainer.

Learned to quiet my mind and now lead meditations.

I embrace my qualities to examine the control I have to change.

My passion is to help others, open perspective, and coexist harmoniously.

Understanding, belief, and a 'whole lotta love'. 

🌹 Take care all and much love.

No negativity zone. That does not include ignoring or avoiding feelings. There is much emotion between these pages.  To feel better we must choose to feel better and make our way through it all, one step at a time. Kindness, a choice.

**All the information contained in this site is based off my own education, experience, beliefs, and personal opinion. I am not a Doctor, dietitian, nurse, or otherwise. I only know what has worked for me, continue to learn by gaining qualifications, and listen to what has worked for others I trust. Always evaluate your own risk, belief, and perspective then decide how to proceed. For natural Mental Health help visit: New Perspectives Counselling 

© 2020 by Kelsey Hoople

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